Monday, June 18, 2012

Centralia Antiques

Happy Monday (I think)! This week is a short work week for me (yippee!) because one of my oldest friends is getting married on Saturday! It's very exciting and we can't wait to celebrate with all the wedding festivities for Eric + Meghan! 

Father's Day was this weekend so we went down to Centralia to visit my parents for a quick night. The boys went golfing Saturday morning and the girls went shopping (typical, right?). We decided to look at some antique shops, and to my surprise there are quite a few in Centralia. Like a few as in 20 or so in the little downtown. Who knew? I was in heaven. You all know I have a new obsession with thrifting, right? It's so much fun to find old things and try to make them into something new and useful again. 

Here's some photos of some of our finds. These vintage letter stamps were really cool. They also had individual scrabble tiles for 25¢ each that I was eyeing.

I loved this filing cabinet (only about 3-4 feet high). I can picture it in a fun bright color, perfect for a little craft storage. It was about $40 and I'm kicking myself that I didn't grab it!

I liked this cute kelly green chair. It would be fun in a little kids' room.

I'm also kicking myself for not getting this old box. The grid would be perfect for a bunch of different succulents!

I did end up buying one of these vintage aqua mason jars for $6. I liked the wire clasp and the shape.

I saw a couple of these chalkboards with reclaimed wood frames. They weren't vintage, but still great. I think I'll use them as inspiration for an upcoming project...

Of course, I loved the color of this dresser!

I really wanted to get a globe for Zach's office, but resisted. $24 for this baby.

Check out this orange tandem bike! Love it!

This two story shop had the coolest ceiling!

And also had these cute yellow canisters - Tea, Coffee, Sugar, Flour, Cookies.

Another vintage box I'm kicking myself I didn't buy.

My mom and I had so much fun! So much to look at. It's kind of overwhelming at times with so many small items in the antique stores, but next time I'll have a better plan and maybe get some bigger items. Now I have something to do when visiting Centralia in the future!

What did you do this weekend? Find any unusual treasures?

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