Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Magic Mike

One of my best friends, Kim, scored some free screening passes to see Magic Mike yesterday! I was so excited to go with her. Who would want to wait a minute longer to see Channing Tatum in that movie? No one. Certainly not the large group of older guys that was ahead of us in line waiting to get in to the movie. It was quite a diverse crowd at the screening - I would have expected to see a bunch of women, but there were actually quite a few guys filling the theater. Who knew?

Now to the movie. Mmmmmmhmmmmm. Channing Tatum did it again. Delivered a movie that is both heartwarming and spellbinding. Haha. Well, mostly spellbinding because you can't take your eyes off him, but heartwarming... not so much. The story was fine but I think we all know why you should go see the movie. Channing. Tatum. Dancing. Without. Clothes. He's such a good dancer! 

Plus, there's also Matt Bomer (from White Collar). And Alex Pettyfer. And Matthew McConaughey. The list goes on. In a nutshell, you should probably go see this movie pronto! It was funny and made me (and Kim!) giggle and I liked it a lot. You don't need me to tell you do go see it though. Because there's Channing Tatum. Without his shirt. Dancing. OK go see it already! :)

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