Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Happy New Home Gift Idea

Last week as part of the wedding festivities we met up at Meghan and Eric's new house for a little get together. They have cute little home with a great yard (and garden!) in Seattle and it was so fun to see it with all the new paint and furniture (last time we saw it they had just bought it). As a housewarming gift I used this inspiration from, where else, Pinterest!

I love this idea. Especially since jars are so big right now. Plus, you don't have to deal with all the wrapping, but instead they have a jar they can still use (not that I don't love a pretty bow or two). I shopped around and found some cute stuff to plop in the jar.
Since Meghan and Eric's new kitchen is gray/white/yellow, I thought I'd keep with the yellow theme for all the goodies. First, at Target I picked up a yellow candle, a yellow cow creamer and yellow kitchen towel. Then I stopped by Ross and got the two soaps. 

Then came the fun part... putting it all together. I thought I had it planned out but the poor little yellow cow didn't stand a chance. He was too awkward to fit in the jar.

Everything else fit quite nicely though.
I added a little scrapbook paper and voila! A cute and functional housewarming gift. The whole package cost about $20 and was the perfect way to welcome the happy new couple. 

What fun gifts do you like to give as housewarming presents?

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