Thursday, June 21, 2012

So... I Made Another Pillow

Apparently I have a thing for pillows and frames. So I made another pillow. Maybe I need to make pillows like Snooki needs to go tanning. I don't know. I found an extra pillow form in our junk room office and thought I should make a quilted pillow. When my mom came over to help me with this project a couple weeks ago I asked her to bring her Accuquilt fabric cutter so I could, yes, cut some fabric. It's the coolest machine. Very simple but gets the job done.

I didn't actually use fabric. Instead, I used two flat sheets from Wal-Mart for $5 each (actually, I had to buy the navy twin sheet set for $9.99 because they were all out of the plain flat sheets). A lot more yardage for your money, although the fabric was not great quality. Since this was my first real "quilting" project in a while, I didn't mind using fabric that wasn't great. I considered it almost a practice run for other future projects. :)

The Accuquilt is pretty sweet. You can put up to six layers of fabric on the dye-cut to roll through the machine. I wanted to try out the tumbler pattern to make a sort-of honey comb pattern, but they also have tons of other dye-cuts in all different shapes and sizes that you can buy as well. Here's how it works...

It's so easy! After I got enough navy and white tumblers I started sewing them together like so.

Once each strip was finished, I sewed all the strips together. All together it was eight across and seven wide. It was a little tricky to get the colors to line up exactly, but luckily it didn't end up too wonky.

For the other side of the pillow, I decided to do classic nautical stripes. I cut strips of fabric about 1 1/2 inches wide and sewed them together. I don't have any pictures of this process, but it's pretty self explanatory.

I ironed all of the seams flat before I turned it inside out leaving a good sized open seam to stuff the pillow in. Then I stitched it up by hand after the pillow was inside.

I like the tumbler side of it, but I really like the stripes. I think I must have a thing for stripes too. I mean, I already have two green striped pillows! Who needs any more? I do. That's who.

And it even looks pretty good with my new Wing Back Lady. Have you sewed any pillows lately? Or is it just me? Pillow lady... just add it to the list along with crazy dog lady. :)


  1. holy crap! that looks so hard. you are so good at making pillows though! i think i should commission you to make some for our place. we desperately need new ones. i think the ones we have are like 4+ years old!



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