Friday, August 3, 2012

Buster + Brody

How is the new pup doing, you ask? He's doing really well! He's such a little sweetie. We should have named him Shadow because he is always at my heels or laying on the floor below me. He's definitely a lover, which is so different from how Buster was. Buster has always been really independent and curious, nose to the ground exploring everything he could. Brody just wants to be around us all the time. Even if I use the restroom, he wakes up from his sleep and follows me in there. 

We are getting there with the house training, and already we can tell he is smart. He knows how to sit and we weren't even really "training" him yet. Much easier than Buster was so far! Although, Buster seems so much better right now since we are comparing him to Brody who knows nothing. 

What else? He's about 13 lbs now - or he was a week ago when we went to the vet. We are going again tomorrow for his next round of shots and I'm sure he will have gained a couple more pounds since he literally inhales his food.

This is my favorite pic of the little guy. I call it his glamour shot.

How are the pups getting along together, you ask? It was fairly easy when we first introduced them. Brody is so nice and friendly he just went right up to Buster (like I said, opposite of Buster who we think was probably abused before we got him and is a little shy). Buster soon tried to express his dominance with humping and barking when they played. We've gotten him to stop the aggressive barking when they play (unless he is really excited) and now Brody is the one that gets all growl-y when they play (still working on that one - hopefully puppy classes will help). 

They love chasing each other. Rather, Brody chases Buster around the yard and around the living room (Buster does his own parkour off the couch). Brody is pretty fast, but Buster takes him on the corners. Yesterday, Brody was chasing Buster in the yard and couldn't quite keep up with him. He started whining, but kept chasing! So cute!

Other than that, they get along great. They even started cuddling a little bit!

How is Buster dealing with everything, you ask? He's doing fine. It was definitely an adjustment for him, but after a couple weeks he's finally getting used to the fact that this little guy isn't going anywhere. He is sporting more Emo looks than usual these days, but I think he is just tired from Brody wearing him out during the day (mission accomplished!).

We love having Brody around, although it is a lot of work training a new puppy. We are planning on getting him into puppy classes asap so he can meet some other puppies and learn proper manners (we don't want all of Buster's bad habits rubbing off on him!)

He's definitely going to be a big boy! Look at that paw. It's been a crazy new adventure for us, but a lot of fun too!

Today the boys and I are heading down to see my parents for the weekend. Brody gets to meet his Gramma Vonnie for the first time (and his Gpa too)!

Have a great weekend!

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