Monday, August 20, 2012

Pacific Galleries Antique Mall

Hello! I hope you all had a lovely weekend. I had so much fun this weekend hanging out with friends (and watching an unhealthy amount of Downton Abbey Season 2). Saturday Kim and I went to the Pacific Galleries Antique Mall in Sodo after a delicious lunch at Cafe Macrina. We split the Buttermilk Waffle with peaches and a brown sugar whipped cream. It was yummy.

From there we went down the street to the antique mall. It was so much fun! Such a cool place filled with rows and rows of antiques and curated vintage finds. I loved it! We must have spent 3 hours in there just browsing every row and every booth. Some of the stuff was a little tacky, but most of the booths were great. 

The only bad thing is that some of the items were a little pricey. Some understandably so, but some we were surprised at the price tag. Here's some of the items we found...

We saw a ton of these old rusty utility baskets. These were the cheapest ones we saw for $26 each. Whey would be so cute in one of those IKEA square shelving units.

I loved these vintage botanical prints - for $325 each(!).

This cool old soap dispenser came in a set of ten and went for a few hundred.

There were two of these lovelies for around $800. I loved the aqua with the red piping!

I loved this dainty little chandelier. I think you could only put candles or tea lights in there, which wouldn't be very practical, but I loved the shape of it.

I loved this cool industrial table lamp.

And then there was this guy...

These huge vintage light bulbs were $20 each (the bulb fit in the palm of my hand for size reference), but I thought they would be awesome in a cluster as a chandelier.

I was eyeing these antlers for $35. They were pretty small, which I liked, but I just couldn't pull the trigger for the 35 bones.

They had a huge showroom area with a bunch of furniture. The styling was amazing! Kind of Anthropologie-esque. I was in love with those aqua chairs!

This collection of bottles went for $300!

This mirrored window reminds me of my chalkboard window, just on a much larger scale. Loved it (and the antlers). 

I'm a sucker for vintage books - this collection had such great detail.

I wanted this set of drawers so bad! Only $725... but perfect for more craft storage!

We hadn't seen anything like these lavender bottles. So pretty and dainty. They would look so cute in a cluster in a little girls room.

You know I love my German beer! If only we had a man cave.

There were tons of different vintage glass sets. We both loved this one with the gold stripes for display on top of a cute bar cart.

I really wanted to find shudder like this one - but not for $75.

This quilt was so pretty. I haven't seen one like this before with only two main colors (aqua and white). I loved the aqua color (of course).

And then there were the letters. Tons and tons of letters of all shapes and sizes. I wanted them all, but decided that I shouldn't since I already have our yarn letters, $1 art, and a couple other items. No more letters for me... unless I had found one that was sublime, but there was a shorter supply of Ks. 

And last, but not least - what we got! There was a flea market outside in the parking lot that day and Kim scored this awesome head version of the Statue of David. It was $20 and she wants to spray paint it a fun color like white or yellow. Since she just got back from her Italian honeymoon, it was an extra special find!

I bought the little bottle on the right for $12.50. I loved the two colors and the text on the bottle. 

Afterwards, we were on a antique-high and went over to Fremont (crazy with all the traffic) to hit up some of our favorite spots - one being Deluxe Junk. We found out when we got there that it was out of business! Apparently they were evicted! Unfortunate since they had some pretty good stuff. 

Instead we wandered to a few other places and wound up at Sweet and Savory Pie, which is a little pie shop that sells well, sweet and savory pies! We each got a little pie (I got the mac and cheese and Kim got the chicken pot pie) and split them. They were delicious! We had to refrain from going back for the sweet pies!

Such a fun day. Even though I didn't get much, it was so much fun to get inspiration and see what's out there (and of course to spend some QT with one of my besties, Kim!). I can't wait to go back!

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  1. Yay! So fun! I had an amazing time with you.... On a side note, I drove by some more antique stores in Ravenna yesterday. Perhaps our next adventure????



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