Wednesday, November 7, 2012

God Bless America

I don't like posting about politics at all. I really don't like politics - the slimy politicians, the campaigning, the nonstoptvads. So fear not, this is not about any of my opinions at all! But, and it's a big but, I do love the fact that I live in an awesome country the best country in the world where every person is allowed to vote and express their opinion. Even though I'm not that into politics, I do love having the ability to make a difference and have a voice (even with the electoral college - your vote still counts!). I just get excited around election time and no matter who you voted for or how involved in the election you were, I don't think you can deny the energy or the enthusiasm surrounding election night. Or the excitement of dropping off your ballot (or going to the polls if you are not a Washington resident). It's just awesome and I'm proud to be an American. Where at least I know I'm free (remember that song). 

Don't you love election day!? I stayed up late last night (glad I'm on the West Coast at least!) to watch the acceptance speech, which was pretty awesome. 

So that's it. Didn't want to say which party is better or worse, just how flipping awesome this country is. AMERICA!

Top Photo by Doug Mills of the New York Times
Bottom Photo from Twitter

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