Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Happy 30th, Kevin & Renee!

The weekend before Thanksgiving we threw a quasi-surprise 30th anniversary party for Zach's parents, Kevin and Renee. Bethany, Zach's oldest sister (in red!) coordinated everything and the rest of us helped pull it all together. We had such a great time - the Kane's definitely know how to party!

My part in the process was putting together the invitations. It was a lot of fun creating the invites and sending them all out. I found a design I liked online and then made it my own for what we needed/wanted. I loved the invitations! I had 50 of them printed at a print shop for under 30 bones. They turned out great!

We had the party at the Raspberry Ridge Farm, a Bed & Breakfast in Poulsbo. The B&B is owned by some friends of the family and it is FABULOUS! We had the party in the barn, which was the perfect spot for a party/reception. The whole place (four bedrooms in the B&B, too) is decorated in vintage and antique finds and I loved it so much! I kept saying I wanted to get married again just to have the wedding there. Also, the rooms in the B&B were beautiful. The husband (he and his wife own the place) did almost all the woodwork in the B&B himself, including some amazing wood pieces. I should have taken pictures! If you ever need a sweet place to stay or party in Poulsbo, I would highly recommend the Raspberry Ridge Farm!

But back to the party. Bethany cooked all the food (and we helped), Jenn ordered the cake, we all helped decorate, my dad took pictures, and there may have been an incident with the ice... It turned out to be a great party!

Most importantly, we had a great time celebrating Kevin and Renee and their 30 years of marriage! We love them so much and they are such great role models for what it is to be in a loving marriage.

The whole Kane clan was there (minus one of Zach's uncles that was helping out with Hurricane Sandy...).

Even the whole Brown Clan stopped by!

We had such a great time, here's some of the party pics!

Can you spot the difference? PHOTO BOMB!

The food was ah-MAH-zing! Bethany did a fantastic job!

We printed out their old wedding photos and put them in mason jars with some ribbon and tinsel for the centerpieces.

This little guy and I were dancing! And then he peed on me... Haha!

This is probably my favorite picture of the night. Fits right in with the 80s wedding!

Happy Anniversary, Kevin & Renee! (Today is their actual 30th anniversary!)

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