Monday, July 1, 2013

Seaside, Oregon Trip

I love the beach. Especially when there is sun! We went down to Seaside, Oregon for a quick night last weekend to celebrate my mother-in-law's birthday. It was a quick trip, but we had a great time. Saturday was a beautiful day - actually quite hot! - so once we got to the campsite and had some lunch, we went downtown to the boardwalk and the beach. 

I love all the shops downtown and even though we didn't have a lot of time to do any shopping, we of course had to hit up the arcade so Zach could show off his mad Skee Ball and air hockey skills. Although I did beat him once in Skee Ball. Once is enough for me. :)

I even got a little sunburn at the beach (I did use sunscreen though!) while everyone played frisbee. It is hard being prego and not being able to play! I'm way to competitive to sit on the sidelines! But oh well. It's only temporary... 

We had yummy dinner and s'mores (and birthday cake!) and actually went to bed early (like, before it was even completely dark) so we could get up super early to go clam digging. I wasn't looking forward to the early wake up call, but pulled it together to go see what it was like. I've never been before, but I can't wait til next year already to get my hands dirty! Although it does look like hard work... Instead this year I was the "clam girl" with my sis Jenn. We helped spot all the air pockets that hopefully had a clam in there and I have to say, I was quite good!

Zach caught one on his first try! So awesome!

I was amazed with how many people were out there digging! I'd never seen anything like it. We drove down the beach for probably a good 3-4 miles before stopping for our spot and the beach was packed the whole way. Who knew clamming was so big? I certainly didn't... and I can't wait to go next year! Maybe with Little BK strapped on my back and ready to go? Haha. Maybe not... :)

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Are you traveling for the holidays? Where are you going? We will be packing... because we found a new rental! Moving in three weeks and can't wait to have more space. Pics to come... probably once we move in (with before & afters of course). 

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