Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Weekly Bump Photos (Week 32)

It has been a HOT weekend here in the PNW. HOT! 90 degrees and very humid does not make for a happy pregnant lady. I've been trying to stay cool with no A/C, but it is tough. I feel worse for my puppies though! They are panting so hard. At least I don't have a fur coat... and I was actually looking forward to going to work Monday morning to get in the A/C!

The good news is that we found a new rental house (puppies and all!) and I'm so excited to move in three weeks. You better believe the first room that's getting done is the nursery! Can't wait to set everything up and get settled into a bigger place. The landlords are even painting the nursery the color I want before we move in! 

32 Week Interview
How far along? 32 weeks!
Baby’s size? Squash. According to my ultrasound last week she is 4 pounds 11 ounces right now!!! (Average for this time is 4 lbs 8 oz so she is on track!)
Days until next doc appointment? Just had an ultrasound on Friday, next regular appointment in two weeks.
Total weight gain/loss? 18 lbs
Maternity clothes?  Yup.
Stretch marks?  None so far. 
Sleep:  This heat is making it very difficult! Plus, as we are getting closer I'm getting more anxious and my mind is running with all the things we have left to do = not sleeping well.
Best moment this week:  Seeing her heartbeat and hearing how big she actually is right now! So cool. Also, we signed a lease on a new rental! So excited to have more space!
Movement:  So active. Last week, I thought her booty was on my right side, but at my ultrasound it turns out her head/hands/feet are all on my right side. Which totally makes more sense. She is rumbling and tumbling in there!
Food cravings:  Sandwiches this week. Ham and cheese. Tastes so yummy.
Anything make you queasy or sick?  Still eggs. I'd probably be fine, but I'm just staying away.
Have you started to show yet?  The past two days I've gotten a lot of comments about how big I am! 
Missing anything?  Being able to bend over easily and pick something up. If I drop something these days, then I'm asking Zach to pick it up for me or waiting until I absolutely have to. :)
Gender: Little Miss.
Labor signs?  None yet
Belly button: We're at about half innie/half outie status... still! 
Wedding rings on or off?  Off these past couple days - the heat is getting to me!
Happy or moody most of the time?  Happy happy time.
Weekly symptoms:  Leg cramping, exhaustion, heartburn, swelling feet, insomnia... you name it!
Looking forward to: Getting the nursery set up (we move in three weeks) and just getting more prepared for baby girl to come!

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