Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Weekly Bump Photo (Week 35) & Some Good News!

Hey everyone! I'm a little late with week 35, but we have been super busy this past week and a half. We moved into a bigger house! I'm so excited to have more room. It has three bedrooms plus a bonus/man cave room for Zach! Best part - we have a nursery! And there's plenty of storage. I think we might even have an extra cupboard or two in the kitchen that isn't being used. Just how I like it - everything has a place. :)

No interview this week, but I did have an ultrasound today! Zach got to come with me, too. I've been having so many ultrasounds because I had Placenta Previa (marginal) which means my placenta was very close to my cervix (not covering it though). When it's too close or covering the cervix you have to have a C Section because you either won't be able to deliver vaginally (because it's blocked by the placenta) or delivering vaginally could cause hemorrhaging and put you and the baby at risk. 

We've been hoping and praying for a few months now that it would resolve itself (my doctor said it was fairly common and does usually resolve itself) but after two extra ultrasounds through 32 weeks, I was keeping my expectations low and assuming the worst (because that's what I do) that I would have to have a C section. It wouldn't be the end of the world, and ultimately I just want Little BK (and myself) to be safe and healthy through the delivery, but I would definitely prefer a regular vaginal birth. 

Good news today at our last ultrasound (last chance for change!) - no more previa!!!! Woohoo! We are all in the clear and hopefully after my next regular appointment on Monday my doctor will clear me for a regular birth! Such a good day and we are both really excited! Although, now I better seriously prepare for some hard core pushing! :)

On top of that, we got to see our beautiful little girl and she finally showed us a good profile pic. At first she was being shy, but then she moved her little hands so we could see her sweet face. I'm so in love already, I just can't wait til she's here. :) 

I might continue to be a little slow with posts this week, but once I get unpacked I promise I'll be back with some more fun projects (mostly for the nursery). Can't wait to share with you!

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