Monday, July 15, 2013

Weekly Bump Photo (Week 34)

Yes, the nightie still fits! We had our Childbirth Preparation class yesterday and it wasn't as bad as I thought. Not too much of the breathing stuff, but a lot of information. Makes me feel just slightly more prepared for what's to come. Zach already knew pretty much all of it though - he was a good sport for coming with me! Thanks husband! :)
34 Week Interview
How far along? 34 weeks!
Baby’s size? Large cantaloupe/butternut squash
Days until next doc appointment? Had my appointment today and everything is looking good! Measuring at 36 and BK's heart rate was awesome. I love that sound so much!!!
Total weight gain/loss? 23 lbs
Maternity clothes?  Mmmmhmmmm
Stretch marks?  None so far. 
Sleep:  Not great... lots of interruptions (bathroom, tossing and turning). It probably takes me a full minute to turn over to my other side now. Not fun! But when I'm asleep, I'm out - definitely more exhausted these days!
Best moment this week:  Seeing her crazy movements! I took a video of her squirming around it was so awesome! Literally she pokes her knee/foot/elbow out on my right side and it is kinda freaky. It just looks so unreal and weird. Like, there's not supposed to be anything protruding from my stomach regularly. But it is so amazing at the same time because I love seeing her in there kicking butt!
Movement:  She is so strong! Getting more and more of those kicks that make me stop and go whoa!
Food cravings:  Chocolate. Definitely feeling the sweets lately - chocolate croissants, cookies, brownies, etc.
Anything make you queasy or sick?  Still eggs. I'd probably be fine, but I'm just staying away.
Have you started to show yet?  Getting bigger and bigger! No twin comments this week though, thank goodness. :)
Missing anything?  Sleeping soundly. Moving around easily. 
Gender: Girlie girl (or maybe probably tomboy)
Labor signs?  None yet
Belly button: We're at about half innie/half outie status... still! Come on, man!
Wedding rings on or off?  Off these past couple days - the heat is getting to me!
Happy or moody most of the time?  Happy happy time. But, very emotional this past week. I feel like I could start crying at the drop of a hat for no reason (and maybe I have once... or twice). Also, feeling anxious and nervous for all the changes to come... 
Weekly symptoms:  Leg cramping, exhaustion, heartburn, swelling feet, insomnia... you name it!
Looking forward to: My next ultrasound next week and moving into our new place so I can (finally!) set up the nursery!!!

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