Monday, July 23, 2012

Florence + the Machine (+ the Bachelorette)

Hello there! How was your weekend? Mine was great! Finally got over the cold/sinus junk I had all last week. We had a great time with friends on Friday night playing games and seeing their new puppy, Samwise (Samwise is a cute little brown German short haired pointer and he and Brody are almost the same age and are going to be best friends! I can tell already.). 

Saturday we cleaned up the yard. A lot. It is ridiculous how much yard waste we have. Buster and Brody were out there helping too. It was a long day and someone was tuckered out.

Saturday night we went and saw Florence + the Machine. It was nothing short of amazing! Her voice is unreal. So powerful and so clear. I was also pleasantly surprised how much personality Florence had too. When I saw her on TV, she seemed so serious, meek, and quiet. On stage, she is so awesome! Such a cute and carefree personality. She was dancing around the stage and getting the crowd involved. It was pretty awesome. Pretty flippin' awesome. Definitely one of the top three concerts I have been to (except for the venue - not in love with the White River Amphitheater for the sole reason of the traffic to and from the venue). It's one of those things where the songs sound so much better live than the album. I love it when that happens! 

Now on to the Bachelorette! Spoiler alert if you haven't watched last night's show yet...

I'm so glad she picked Jef (one F)! At the very beginning I have to admit, I liked his style but didn't think they really went together as a couple. But as I saw them together more and more, it was clear they were such a good fit. So cute and funny! I hope it works out! I say this every time and obviously more times than not it doesn't. It gets me every time though! Those ABC guys definitely figured out the key to hook me into every season. 

So what about you? Yardwork this weekend? Were you at Florence too? Hooked on the Bachelorette? Spill it! 

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  1. Lucky, I have been wanting to see Florence for a while now.



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