Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Great Wheel

We took advantage of the sun on Saturday after Zach's shift at the hospital (and so it begins...) and went downtown to hang out. Our first mission was food. I'd never been to Ivar's down on the pier, so I suggested we go there. It was so busy! And it was so weird the way you order and pay there. Everyone stands in line, you give them your order (your fried order only!) then you step back and wait. Then they call out your fried order and you go up and tell them you want a drink, etc. and pay. It's just really weird and hectic when it's so busy because everyone is confused, then you have to get back in line and everyone huddles towards the counter in fear that their order won't be called. Weird, Ivar's. Just weird. Anyways, we both got fish and chips and they were pretty tasty. 

From there we were on a mission to The Great Wheel! I was so excited (as I mentioned here)! I was prepared to wait in line for hours, but the whole process (from getting into line to getting off the wheel) only took about an hour and fifteen minutes. Not as bad as I thought. One way to save time (we realized after it was too late) is to buy the tickets online before you get there (tickets are $13/adult). That way you can skip the ticket line and head straight to the wheel line. Since it was such a beautiful day it wasn't so bad standing around in line though. 

We figured a few things out while we were standing in line (we're like that). There are 42 gondolas (we may have counted) including one VIP gondola (it's the black one and it has leather seats and a glass bottom!). Six people can fit into each gondola so if you are with a smaller party, be prepared to share. We were in a gondola with three other lovely ladies and chose to face towards the city.

The ride was surprisingly smooth and very sturdy. Very little swinging at all and there was even A/C! The last time I was on a Ferris Wheel was at California Adventure and it was so scary! The gondola rocked and there was nothing to hold on to so I thought I was going to fly right out! The Seattle Great Wheel was nothing like that (in case you are afraid of heights). Super smooth and while it is high, the views are worth it. We were constantly twisting and turning to see everything around us. 

Oh, and you go around five times - once to load, three full times, once to unload. Overall, it's about a 15-20 minute ride. 

After the Great Wheel, we hit up the Seattle Antiques Market (under the viaduct) and then went up to Pike's Place (we like being tourists in our own town:). I love Pike's Place Market. Just walking around, seeing all the different people and art and flowers and fish. Especially on a nice day, it will never grow old for me. :)

We picked up some delicious raspberries (and later made some delicious raspberry cobbler!) and the mister even bought his lady some sweet peas for the road (they smell so good). The peonies were also out in full bloom and were gorgeous!

On our way through Westlake Center, I noticed the trees in the courtyard had their trunks painted bright blue. Crazy, huh?
The whole day was awesome and perfect and everything that I love about being in Seattle. Such a great city. We love you, Seattle!

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  1. Love Seattle. we lived nearby a few years ago. Would have loved to ride that wheel!



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