Monday, July 16, 2012

Meet Brody!

Allow me to introduce you to the newest member of our family... Brody!

Isn't he the cutest?!? Those ears. Get me every. single. time. 

We've been thinking about getting Buster a new furry sibling for a while now and Saturday turned out to be the perfect day. It was a little spontaneous though. I woke up at 11:30 Saturday morning (I haven't done that since college!) and by 1:00 we were on our way to get the little guy. 

We adopted him from the Seattle Humane Society through an ad I found on Petfinder. There were actually three separate ads for his siblings that we saw. The pups went up for adoption at 11 that morning so we called to see if there were any left and they said there were a couple, but there was a lot of people looking. So we rushed over to Bellevue, and as our luck would have it he was the last little guy out of his five siblings that was left! We were so happy! 

We quickly filled out an application, got interviewed (where they asked us a bunch of questions about where we would keep him, how long we are gone during the day, our other dog, etc.), and then got to have puppy play time to make sure we were the right fit. I knelt down and Brody came right to me and was so playful and sweet! It was meant to be! 

We then took him out to the car to meet Buster and they got along really well for their first meeting. After waiting a bit, we signed on the dotted line and he was ours! 

He's a lab mix, probably with a boxer or a terrier because of his ears. He has a white stripe from his chin/goatee down to his belly (like a tuxedo - because he wants to be formal but he likes to party). He is super mellow (SO mellow compared to Buster!) but still playful when he wants to be. He's pretty much the sweetest little puppy. So soft and cuddly.

As for his name, we had a little bit of trouble figuring that part out. Since it was a little spontaneous, we didn't have much time before hand to brainstorm. With Buster, we had a day or so to brainstorm our favorite shows/characters and come up with a good fit (he's named Buster after the Arrested Development character Buster, and also after the show Mythbusters). With Brody, we threw around a bunch of different names... Bailey (too girly), Charlie, Indiana (Indie for short), even Darth Vadar (which I'm pretty sure both our Dad's will be calling him anyway). But nothing felt right until we landed on Brody (not from any show, we just liked the name). Plus, we liked the "B" names. So Brody it is! 

I mean look at those ears! So cute. How's he getting along with Buster, you ask? Pretty good considering our first furry child has been de-throned. Since Brody is so tiny (about 11 lbs right now, but could get up to 60 lbs!) Buster is trying to exert his alpha male-ness with a little humping and some rough playing. Buster likes to bark a lot when he plays and is a little rough for a new puppy (he's only 10 weeks right now!), so we are trying to teach Buster to play a little more gentle and nice. Otherwise, they are just getting to know each other and it's going pretty well. 

We are so happy with the new addition to our little family and can't wait til Brody is grown up so he can hold his own while playing with Buster (although I love this puppy phase, besides all the pee and poop:). 

Oh! Brody slept through the night on the first night we had him too! Let's hope this keeps up or else it will be a long couple of weeks... 

We love you so much already, Brody! 


  1. He is so cute!! How's Buster's diet going? :)

    1. Thanks, Alissa! Buster's diet is actually going really well! He seems much slimmer, although with the new little pup we are having to feed him more treats than usual to teach him how to behave around Brody. He's learning though!



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