Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Happy Birthday Buster!

My little boy is growing up! Buster turned ONE on Saturday!

The previous owners/breeders told us he was born around April 11th, but being this time of year, you know, we decided to move it to April 16th. :) We celebrated by getting him a new bone to chew on. We wanted to go for a big bone that would last him a long time, since he usually goes through his Costco bones in about a day and a half. We ended up getting him a Nylabone thinking it would last forever. It's supposedly indestructible and bacon flavored. What's not to love?

He liked it at first, but after a while I think he got discouraged since he's used to chewing off chunks and seeing his progress. Buster's funny like that - he not only loves to chew, but more so loves to destroy. Anyways, it will be interesting to see if this bone catches on (and I hope it does, because it wasn't cheap!).

Otherwise we had a good day celebrating and letting him run around the field. We Zach tried to teach him how to come on command, but let's face it. Buster is as stubborn as I am, so he wasn't having any of it.

Which reminds me... another present we got BBoy for his birthday was training classes! We signed him up for Beginner Training at PetSmart starting on May 4th. We are both really excited. Hopefully we can get him to come when we call, put an end to his chewing habit, and get him more comfortable around new people and other dogs.

This weekend when I was out walking Buster, a guy in our complex wanted to pet him, but Buster was so skiddish and jumpy around him. It was kind of embarrassing! The guy was like, "he looks like he's been abused" and I'm like, "it wasn't us!" I'm pretty sure he was abused somehow by his previous owners. But that's all the more reason I try to show him a lot of love. So far, I think it's worked pretty well.

Oh, and Buster also likes to find a spot on the grass that must have some kind of scent he likes and rub his back in it. Must be a doggie thing...

Anyways, here's to training and to Buster's first birthday! Happy Birthday little buddy!

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