Thursday, April 28, 2011

Who's Excited?!?!


I am. I am extremely excited. I wasn't around for the last huge royal wedding (Charles & Diana), although I've seen replays a few times, so I'm pumped to see the royal wedding in real time tomorrow. And by real time, I mean 5 am 2 am(!). That's right, I will be dragging my tired butt out of bed super early and making myself a latte in order to watch the wedding of the decade. You see, we don't have DVR anymore (I'm totally rethinking that decision right now...) so I'm left to watch it live. Yes, I'm sure they will replay the wedding a million times, but I'm a) too lazy to try and figure out how that will fit into my schedule and b) I need to see it to be able to talk about it right when it happens! So there you go. I'm going to be extremely tired at work on Friday, but that's ok. You only live once, right? Anyways, here's some images I rounded up from around the web on the royal wedding...


Love these! (source)


I'm totally walking this route when we go to London in July! (source)

Wish I could throw a viewing party! (source)


So what are your plans? Getting up early to watch it like me? Don't care at all? Or are you a lucky one that has DVR and are throwing a fabulous viewing party? I'd love to hear! Happy Wedding!

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