Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I'm Your Huckleberry...

The husband and I have wanted to go visit Tombstone since we moved down to Arizona. We love the movie - it brings me back to the first time we watched it together at summer camp. It's such a classic western movie (and they were even playing it non-stop in the gift shop).

When we got there, they were having a small wedding in the city park. There were carriage rides and lots of different shops along Allen Street (the main drag).

We peeked inside Big Nose Kate's, a popular "saloon," but it was packed so we didn't get to stay and get a drink. It had some amazing stained glass inside though! Fun Fact: Big Nose Kate was Doc Holliday's girlfriend.

But don't worry, I got my Sarsparilla!

Then we stopped by the historic Bird Cage Theatre. It's now a museum but they charge at least $10 a piece to go in, so we stayed true to our spending diet and didn't go in. I did manage to sneak a picture of some of the inside...

And for the grand finale... we did splurge on tickets to the OK Corral gunfight re-enactment, hoping it would blow our minds. Let's just say it was 30 seconds of gunfight action and 40 minutes of bad acting. Here's the awesome figures in place where the actual gunfight took place almost 130 years ago... very life-like.

Doc Holliday recited some nice poems, there was a lot of talking about killing, and then the gunfight!

Victory for the Earps! I have to say, I liked the Val Kilmer Doc Holliday much better. :)

It was really fun to get out and see the history of Tombstone. Crazy to think that people were so mad back then and always wanting to shoot each other up... but that was the Wild West!

Psst... check back tomorrow for pics from our time in Bisbee - my new favorite place in Arizona!

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