Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Junior Junior

The big guy on the left is Junior and of course, that handsome little devil on the right is Brody. Junior belongs to the instructor of our puppy class and is also from the Seattle Humane Society (also claimed to be a "lab mix" like Brody). Don't they look like twinsies?! The ears, the tuxedo coat, the tail. So similar it's crazy. In class, we've all started calling Brody "Junior Junior" since they look so much alike. Get it? Like Junior Jr. :)

Puppy class is going well. Brody is an expert at "Sit". Still working on perfecting "Watch Me." Just learned "leash manners" last night. Took him on a walk today and he was pulling so bad! He can't be worse than Buster though right? Maybe he is... I think we'll have to get the easy walk harness like we have for Buster. It worked like a charm for him! 

Have you gone through the whole puppy training before (this is our second time)? What was the hardest part for you? We always seem to have trouble with leash manners and "leaving it" (those treats are just so tasty...).

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