Monday, September 24, 2012

Weekend in Instagrams & Happy Birthday Mama!

How was your weekend? We had a lot of fun this weekend with our families, first on Friday night we hung out with Zachary's family. His grandma came all the way from Napa, CA to visit for the week. We had a great time at Z'Tejas for dinner - a southwestern/mexican restaurant with yummy cornbread!

Saturday morning we went over to my parents house in Centralia for my mom's birthday. While the boys watched football, my mom and I went to downtown Centralia to hit up the antique shops (Centralia is quickly becoming one of my favorite places for great vintage and antique finds!).

First we went to Chehalis to this AMAZING fabric/quilt shop. Tons and tons of color coordinated fabrics line the walls. I love it so much, but at the same time, it's kind of overwhelming because there are so many choices! I've been trying to find some fabric for Zach's mom to make me a quilt and finally settled on getting a jelly roll in some colorful vintage patterns. I want to do a herringbone style quilt and can't wait to see the result (I'll keep you posted).

From there we went to the main street downtown to hit up some of our favorites (this is the third time we've wandered down there this summer). The first stop we went into I found this vintage Coca Cola crate for $9! I was so excited because 1) I'd seen a very similar one the first time we went antiquing - I didn't get it and had been dreaming thinking about it ever since. 2) Other crates like this I'd seen were upwards of $25-30, so I thought it was kind of a steal.

The second store we went into I found the globe for $15! Seriously, it was my lucky day (of course, when I am on the spending diet... oops! This was my "cheat day" I guess...). I snatched it up just in time for us to hit the next shop where I found an equally awesome globe for only $10. That was the lowest price I'd seen on a globe recently, so naturally I had to buy it. :)

Also, at the first store they had a ton of old Schwinn bicycles out on the street. I was seriously thinking about getting one. The one I wanted was a blue one, with a basket of course, and it was $120. Maybe they'll still be there next time we go...

My favorite find of the day was this amazing pinky mauve tufted wing back chair. It was love at first sight, but I was good and waited on it. By the time I got home, I couldn't stop thinking about it and decided to see if the store was open the next day. It was quarter past five and they closed at six so (with permission from the hubby) we raced back down to the store. The CLOSED sign was up on the door, but I decided to try it anyways since it was only 5:30, and thankfully it was still unlocked! I went in and asked the girl at the counter if we could look at the chair again and she said yes. We went back to look and it was just as I had remembered. Check out those wide curved wings and the tufts. I die. It was $58, which I thought was a good deal for the condition and the uniqueness of it. I decided to try to get them down on price and it worked! I saved $3! Haha. Gotta start somewhere, right? :)

Long, long story blog post short, I got it and it's wonderful and I can't wait to make it my next project!

We also made some homemade peach pie (recipe coming soon) and went out to birthday brunch at Judy's Country Kitchen. I love my family and we have a lot of fun. :) And the pups were happy to see their Uncle Aaron and get spoiled by the grandparents. Happy Birthday Mama!

Wow. That was kind of a lot. I don't blame you if you skipped all the words. I hope you all had a great weekend! 

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