Thursday, September 27, 2012

Our Home: The Kitchen

I want to share with you guys a little tour of our kitchen today. I love the kitchen in our house, except for the fact that it is a little small. It actually has a lot more storage than our Arizona kitchen, but it's still a ways from my dream kitchen. It also works really well with all my aqua kitchenware. In any case, the kitchen works for what we need now and is the next stop on the house tour!

First, I did a quick update to de-clutter the kitchen window sill. Here's what it looked like before. Clutterville. Sure, I like all the pieces separately, but all together they were not working.

And here's the after. Much less stuff. Much more style. I love the cow creamer (from Target) and the vintage salt and pepper shakers Zach got me last Christmas.  The faux plants are from IKEA and the little metal buckets were from the $1 section at Target!

Here's the rest of the place. I really do love the white cabinets. They keep it light and clean. And I'm still diggin' my twelve dollar shelves. Such a great way to use that otherwise wasted space (and add lots of storage!).
One downside is that the laundry is also in the kitchen. But at least we have a washer and dryer and at least they are new and don't take up a lot of space!

Some items on my list that I'd still like to update:

- Make some no sew roman shades for the window
- Get a new rug with some color and pattern

I also painted the kitchen back in December - it used to be yellow ala our bathroom (more on that coming soon). The gray is much much better. Since we are renting, there's not much more I want to or really can do.

Do you like your kitchen? What's one thing you would change about your kitchen? What's your favorite part (I really like having the window to the back yard and the white cabinets!). Do tell!



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