Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Labor Day Camping - Alder Lake

Hey guys! I hope you had an amazing long weekend and got out to enjoy the sun! Such beautiful weather!

We had such a great time with family at Lake Alder this weekend. Alder Lake is down near Mt. Rainier and was only about an hour and a half from our house. I loved not having to drive to far. It was so close to Mt. Rainier, which was beautiful! The lake is from a glacier too, so the water was more turquoise and really pretty. There were trees everywhere (well, it's WA, duh!) and was such a secluded and lovely setting.

We got there Friday night after Z was done at the hospital. Side note - last week he started his third rotation in general surgery and it's a tough one! The hours are long, but he's learning lots. Three more weeks and then he's off to Silverdale for Orthopedic Surgery! OK, back to camping! We had some amazing brats that Schmev and Nae (my in-laws) picked up in Eatonville (the really small town about 10 minutes from the campground). They were delish! I think I've only had a better brat in Germany. So we had them again on Saturday too. So good. And yes, I only have ketchup on my brats. Who needs anything else?

We went on lots of long walks down to the lake and over to the nearby dam. It was pretty cool to see and actually very picturesque. See how blue-green the water is?

The campground has a nice swimming area for the kiddos, although the water near the shore is a little mucky. Saturday, my sister-in-law, Bethany, came over with her "nephew" William. He's such a cute little guy at almost two years old. We took him down to the lake and let him wade in the water. He was a little hesitant at first, but then he loved it!

We took the pups down to the lake too, although a different part (no dogs allowed in the swimming area). But around the corner had an awesome view of Mt. Rainier and the rest of the lake! It was a great lake for boating too! If only...
Chloe - Zach's parents' dogs - looooooooves the water. She's a golden retriever, so she was pretty much born for it. She could go fetch the ball, log, anything in the water forever. Our two furry boys on the other hand, are not so fond of the H20. But, Brody did have his first swim! He had been eyeing Chloe jumping in again and again and finally jumped in too! Surprise - he knows how to doggie paddle! Haha. Although he was so startled by the cool water that he was scared to go in again. Poor little buddy.

Here he is longing to swim after Chloe...

And there he goes! Jumped right in! Notice Buster looking on...
And, immediately comes out. Buster was checking if he was OK. :)
Then we tried a couple more times to get him to go back in. No such luck.

And no such luck with BBoy either.
So then we took a break and took some family pictures! That's Schmevin doing Usain Bolt. 

We played lots of cards and games (pinnacle and hearts and dice) and at some point the puppies got put in time out. :)

We had such a great time! Sunday we went over to Centralia (only about an hour away) to see my parents and my aunt, uncle, and cousin that were up for the weekend. So much fun to see the family! 

What did you guys do this weekend? Camping like us? Whatever it was I hope it was amazing!

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