Thursday, September 20, 2012

Outdoor Movie Night

A couple weeks ago we went down to Redmond to the Movies @ Marymoor. Every summer on Wednesday nights they show movies on a blow up big screen at the park for $5. It certainly didn't look like the above (wouldn't that be a sweet set up in the backyard though?) but it was too dark by the time I thought about taking any pictures. We caught the last movie of the summer and lucked out because they happened to be showing one of both Zach and my favorite movies of all time - The Princess Bride. If you haven't seen it, shame on you. It's a classic (from the 80s) and is a chick-flick-comedy/satire-action movie all wrapped into one. Trust me. Watch it. My favorite scene is the sword fight.

We didn't bring any food, hoping that we'd get food there. Turns out they had one food truck (with delicious organic burgers), kettle corn, and a candy truck. Not much selection. If we go next summer, we are definitely bringing our own food and drinks! I ended up standing in line for 45 minutes (and half hour into the movie) waiting for those delicious burgers while Zach held our spot on the lawn (we brought blankets, but you could bring lawn chairs too!). Not ideal, but it worked out. At least I had already seen the movie. 

We tried bringing the pups, but Buster has been having trouble lately around other dogs. He barks quite ferociously. Probably because he is in the back yard all day (guilty mama right here...)? And Brody just follows suit. So, we left them in the car and they took a nice nap.

Best part of the night - Inigo Montoya: "I want my father back, you son of a bitch!" And the crowd goes wild... Awesome. 

Have you ever been to an outdoor movie? I hear the one at Redhook is pretty good too. I just love the experience and would definitely do it again!

Photo found here.

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