Wednesday, March 9, 2011

All Things Aqua

I love aqua. I also love turquoise, robin's egg blue, and teal. It's so bright and cheery and it makes me happy. My kitchen is decked out in all the aqua goodness of Martha Stewart. I gravitate towards anything from that realm of the color wheel. There's something a little vintage, a little carefree, a little quirky I love about turquoise. Here's some of my aqua inspiration...

Source: young house love via megan on pinterest

Source: theblackbicycle

Source: tip junkie via megan on pinterest 

Source: House of Turquoise via megan on pinterest

Source: Apartment Therapy via megan on pinterest

Source: via megan on pinterest  

Source: Urban Outfitters via megan on pinterest 

Source: via megan on pinterest

Source: Etsy via megan on pinterest  

Side note: have you heard of Pinterest? It's this awesome site where you can "pin" pictures from around the web to different "boards" you create. It's a great way to keep track of your inspiration and never forget the source. Check it out!



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