Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Mesa Flea Market

Keeping in the spirit of good cheap fun, the hubby and I stopped by the Mesa Flea Market/ Swap Meet this weekend. My mom and dad had gone there last summer and found some great southwestern metal artwork for their house, so I was curious to see what else we could find. I was really hoping to find some cool old vintage furniture that I could re-use/re-purpose/re-finish. Well, it ended up kind of being a bust in that department, but overall it was fun to get out and see more of Arizona. Here's a few photos of our flea market browsing.

Metal art.

Lots of jewelry

Ok, so the hubs and I have a thing for little things/tools/utensils. For some reason we think it's hilarious that people make things so small. My old roommate used to have this little baby cleaver, I think it must have been for cheese or something, but it would crack us up any time we saw it.
Mini wrench!
Mini pliers!
They had a bunch of amazing pottery.
Tons of used books... Zach found one he had been wanting by his favorite author for $3!
Animal statues...
Visors. Lots and lots of visors.
We even found some of our favorite sports paraphernalia.
We finally found a thrift store-ish booth and there were a few good finds. Like a prop from Sleeping Beauty.
A vintage toy bike that needs some lovin'.
A cute red fire truck. Maybe for a little boy's room. Someday... 
And finally, I found this beauty. For only 500 bones (on sale), this amazing aqua bench would be mine! If only... Zach said he'd make me one someday, aqua stain and all (minus the pillows). 

Love this!
A couple hours and a lot of walking later (this place was huge!), I hadn't bought a thing. But of course, right before we walked out the door I found this little guy. He was only $1 and I figured he would be the perfect little something to bring back to the rainy northwest as a memento of Arizona. I named him Pokey and he's cute and small and actually not very pokey at all. Hopefully I can keep him alive!

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