Friday, March 18, 2011

And... Boom Goes the Dynamite.

My Zags dominated last night! Final score: Zags 86 St. John's 71. BOOM! Next up... BYU. It'll be tough, but I have faith in my Zags! My bracket has Zags vs. UW in the championship with Zags winning the whole shebang. Possible? Yes. Probable? Well... I can't say no. I would feel disloyal to my boys. I'm definitely feeling Sweet Sixteen or Elite Eight this year. Come on Zags!!!

Let me just leave you with this. It's probably the most awkward video you will ever watch, but equally entertaining. The best part is about 2 1/2 minutes in when the poor guy finally brings out his best line. The hubby and I like to randomly bust it out whenever possible. Awkward moments. Small victories. Extremely awesome events. It works for everything.

And.... Boom goes the dynamite.

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