Thursday, March 10, 2011

Buster Loves Foxy

This is a love story. A tragic love story, something like Romeo & Juliet meets Fatal Attraction. He saw her. She saw him. It was love at first sight. His name was Buster. Hers, Foxy Lady. There was an instant chemistry, an instant connection that no one could deny. Seeing the way Buster chewed on Foxy and dragged her around with him every where he went, we dare not separate them. It was something special.

Until one fateful day, Buster became obsessed. Was he too clingy (he was always dragging her everywhere with him)? Was he too hyper (most of the time, Foxy just just liked to lounge around)? Too rough (he was known for his chewing)? We'll never know for sure. But one thing we do know is that Buster loved Foxy to death.

First he got to her nose, then her ears, then her eyes, and then he split her in two. He got too excited and Foxy Lady was no more.

And that was the end of this tragic romance. It was good while it lasted, but Buster will have to move on. Someday, somehow, he will find another love. But he will always have the memories of Foxy Lady.

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