Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Buster Learns to Shake

My little boy is growing up! This past weekend Z taught BBoy how to shake. It is amazing! I'm like a proud momma. I am completely in awe that my little Buster learned how to shake. I know what you're thinking - every dog can shake - but in our household, where my little Poopy (yes, I call him Poopy) has a hard time figuring out what the word NO means, or how not to chew on every book in our house even when we use the bitter apple spray, this is a huge accomplishment! Plus, it's just kind of cool.

I'm equally proud of my awesomely patient husband for teaching Buster Boo this little trick. He has an amazing amount of patience that I covet. Oh, and he uses a lot of treats.

Isn't he cute? He's such a smart little dude. 

All this talk about being a proud momma reminds me of the first (and only) time we took Buster to the dog park. Let's just say it was probably a pretty accurate foreshadowing of parenting to come. We didn't realize that there was a separate area for small dogs until we were on our way out, so the B-Man was playing with the big dogs. There were at least three other big dogs (and I'm talking BIG) out playing around with each other plus my poor little tiny Buster (I think he was about 14 pounds then). I know the other dogs were just playing, but they did not hold back! They were chasing Buster and he was too slow and kind of got trampled. Then he'd run over and stand between my legs until he built up enough courage to do it again. I have to give my little man credit. He is one tough puppy! Although I was worried he was going to get hurt. Here's how our conversation went down while we watched the doggies play:

M: They're going to trample him!
Z: He's fine. Don't worry about it.
M: Do you think he's hurt? It looks like he's limping.
Z: He's not limping. He's having fun!
M: I think they're playing too rough.
Z: No they're not. Come on Buster! Keep Up! Get back out there and show them who's boss!

And there you have it. If you want to find out what kind of parent you'll be, just get a dog and you'll know: Overprotective Mother and Rub-a-little-dirt-on-it-and-get-back-out-there Father coming right up!

What's next on the agenda for my little BBoy? Rolling over. Good thing we stocked up on treats at Costco!

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