Friday, March 25, 2011

Just What the Doctor Ordered

While today won't be the official start of my weekend, I'm still excited. Why? My in-laws are coming into town tomorrow! This makes me very happy. For some of you, the thought of spending a week with the in-laws might be daunting, but for me, it's awesome! I love my family. Tax season is pushing me to my tipping point, so it will be fun to spend this weekend and next weekend with the Kane family. It's just what the doctor ordered. On the agenda: work tomorrow morning, a little relaxing here...

...probably some yummy dinner out (yes, we might be veering off the spending diet just a little while the parentals are here... more on that next week), spring training game on Sunday, and most likely some card playing. Sounds like a perfect weekend to me! (Besides the work part) Happy weekend everybody!

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