Friday, March 11, 2011

Friday is the New Thursday

At least for me that's how it is these days. Six days and and sixty hours a week, I'm at the office. I'm not complaining - it definitely pays the bills. But it is exhausting!

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I realized yesterday that five days a week my pasty white skin doesn't even see the sun (sad, right?). I go to work before the sun rises, get home after it sets. Yesterday, the mister had stopped by my work to pick something up and I went outside to meet him. Immediately when I hit the fresh air it was like a big bright warm blanket enveloping me and I was instantly toasty. I was wearing a short sleeved shirt and realized that I was probably blinding the mister because my arms are so white. It was slightly depressing, but then the mister dubbed me his Vampire Wife. Awesome. One step closer to Edward (oh yeah, I'm Team Edward, all the way).

Yes, Edward likes to occasionally visit me at work.

So now, even though I will be chained to my desk Saturday morning, I am determined to get out and enjoy this beautiful March weather and soak up some rays (don't worry Dad, I'll wear sunscreen). It's been in the high 70s/low 80s consistently for the past week, which is my kind of sunshine! Plans for the weekend include visiting the Ostrich Festival in Chandler (that's right, I said Ostrich Festival... and yes, there will be ostrich races), catching up with a good friend that's visiting, probably some sun-bathing, and most definitely some cookie-baking. Oh, and wishing I was relaxing here...

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What are your plans for the weekend? Doing anything exciting? Just relaxing? Either way, Happy Weekend!

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