Friday, May 13, 2011

Buster the Champ

We finally started training classes for Buster a couple of weeks ago. Thank goodness. His chewing habits haven't died down at all (he's up to about a bone a day now), he still won't come when called, and his manners are lacking to say the least. So we are really excited to get this process going.

So far, we've had two classes, more like two first classes. The first class we went to only had one other puppy that was completely scared and anti social (and we thought Buster was nervous around people!). The second class had two different puppies - a 6 year old Mini Maltese named Teddy Bear that did not like Buster and kept barking the entire time (this should be fun...) and a super cute 7 month old King Charles Spaniel named Marigold.

Last night we learned Sit (which BBoy already knows - Champ!) and just started learning Come. We are pretty excited about teaching BBoy to come when called. He gets distracted very easily, so it's good being in the class with another dog barking the whole time and a lot of things going on in the store while he learns. Luckily, Buster will do anything for a treat, so he is a pretty fast learner.

I was a totally embarrassed mama last night when Buster had to relieve himself in the middle of class on the floor... Maybe he was a little nervous, but he definitely stunk up the place. I was so embarrassed! Oh well, it happens to the best of us... haha.

Needless to say, Buster was exhausted after class. (Yes!) Usually we have to put him in his crate to get him to sleep, but not last night. He was conked out!

Zach's also been taking him out to the grassy field by our apartment and letting him run around with a couple other puppies whose owners go to his school. Buster loves it and it has been awesome to get some of his energy out!

And just because I think he's funny, here's a pic of how BBoy sleeps in his crate... what a weirdo.

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