Thursday, May 19, 2011

Minnie Mouse & Emersonmade

I thought I'd share a few pics of my birthday celebration. Can I just say that I have the best husband ever? I know I'm biased, but seriously. It's true. Not only did he get me a plane ticket back to Seattle to see my friends, he also got me this awesome present... A Minnie Mug!

A little back story. For our first wedding anniversary we went to Disneyland (happiest place on earth!). So. Much. Fun. One of the souvenirs we brought home was a Mickey Mug for Zach. I have no idea why we didn't get a Minnie Mug for me, but ever since then, Zach's Mickey Mug has become his favorite mug ever. It is pretty awesome. And every since then, I've wanted a Minnie Mug to match. Pretty much since we left the park for the last time. Anyways, I finally got my Minnie Mug to match the hubby's Mickey Mug! We are complete. :)

My wonderful husband also made me dinner - salmon, rice, zucchini and squash, zucchini bread, and my favorite Confetti Cake! Mom and Daddio got me some pretty flowers, and Schmevin and Renee (I'm guessing mostly Renee) got me my coveted Emersonmade clutch!

Isn't she purrrrrrrrty?!?! I fell in love with Emersonmade a while ago and have long since wanted something from her line. If it wasn't so expensive, I would have bought everything by now!

The cake was so yummy!

Overall, it was a great birthday! Thanks everybody!

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