Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Yoda & Union Jack

I like to make note cards. It's just like scrapbooking but faster, and hopefully I can make some one's day a little bit better. Plus, I already have a ton of scrapbooking supplies, so it's a cheap way to keep in touch instead of paying $2-6 per birthday/ anniversary/ graduation/ whatever card. A few weeks ago, I had a couple reasons to make some note cards... First, the hubby's birthday. Then, the Royal Wedding/my friend's (belated) birthday. It was a busy week!

For the husband's card, I wanted to make something unique. I remembered I had my Star Wars cookie cutters (see more on those here) so I got a little creative! The husband loves Star Wars, so naturally it was an easy decision. I went with Yoda and chose some coordinating scrapbook paper.

And of course, Buster wanted to add his own personal signature... notice the bite marks.

Outside: Have a Happy Birthday... 
Inside: You Will. 
I know... I'm a total dork. :)

Since I missed my friend Amanda's birthday due to busy season, I decided to send her a much belated birthday card that just happened to coincide with the Royal Wedding (which she also loves). Perfect!

Supplies: card stock paper, scissors, stamps, stamp pad, double sided tape/stickies

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  1. Oh my goodness, I'm mentioned in your blog! I feel famous :)



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