Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Medical School Situation

I realized I should probably explain a little bit about why we are moving back to Washington for those of you that are thinking "Wow, med school only lasts one year?" The answer is no. The hubby's med school is unique because for the first year it is primarily classes only down here in Arizona. For the last three years of the program, each student gets placed in a campus in different locations around the country.

We (thankfully) got placed in the Seattle-area location. (Only 10 people out of the 100+ in his class got placed in the Seattle campus.) Other locations include Portland (our second choice), California, New York, Alabama, South Carolina, and a lot in Arizona.

This means that for the next three years, hubs will basically be doing online classes mixed with clinical experience, which is awesome. Plus, of course we are super happy to be back in our home town and closer to our families and friends.

So there you have it! No, Zach didn't drop out of med school. No, I'm not pregnant. And no, we both didn't have mental breakdowns and have to move back in with our parents. Glad I cleared that up. :) Just another med school move!

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