Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Hunger Games


Ahhhhhh! This series is my new Twilight! And it came at the perfect time - just as the Twilight and Harry Potter movies are coming to an end. All credit goes to my awesome sister-in-law Jenn who has been hounding me to read this series For. Ev. Er. and then ended up getting me all three books for my birthday. (Thanks!!)

I finished the first book in two days on the plane (it would have been one if I didn't have so much going on) and loved it. Such a creative and suspenseful story. I would highly recommend it! Aaaaand... they are already making a movie. Yes!

Husband just started reading it last night and he is already almost done. I have to get going on the second one now so he doesn't keep bugging me to get it done! I just hope it's as good!

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