Thursday, June 9, 2011

Apartment Tour!

Everybody likes a house tour, right? Or is that just me? I love seeing the different ways people can style, paint, decorate, and design their homes, so I thought I'd start with ours. We've lived down here in Arizona for almost a year now and it has been a pretty good little apartment for us. 

We actually didn't even see the apartment in person before we signed the lease and moved in. We took a big chance, but it paid off. It was well maintained, nice enough for one year, and the management was really great (especially about the carpet BBoy chewed in the bathroom). Above is the view from our porch on to the pool. 

Our living room. I love having the frames around the TV with art from our travels and wedding and honeymoon photos. The rest of this was pre-Buster... we had to move that basket of games (I think Cranium is all chewed up) and move most of the books from the bookshelf (he did chew the cover of my Twilight book). 

I bought the K from Michael's and painted the wooden letter yellow with cheap acrylic paint. The best part is, if I want a new color it's easy to paint again.
The hubs and a dark one of the dining room/Buster's room (the porch - he chills out there all day while we're at work/school).
Above the dining room table, I framed 4 of my favorite places in Italy. I had one of those big vintage-type calendars a few years ago and when the year was up, I kept my favorite places and framed them. The perfect way to get cheap art!
The kitchen from the living room. Love me some Martha blue! Hate the small kitchen. Can't wait to have a kitchen that actually has storage!

Office nook off the kitchen.
Bedroom. Zach and his mom made this headboard for me during busy season last spring. I really wanted a tufted headboard, but wasn't about to pay for it. They whipped this up in a weekend and I love it! They even made the buttons to match. Didn't they do an awesome job?? Lurve it. 
One of my favorite pieces of art. This was the guest book for our wedding and I love having it up on the wall so I can randomly read all the well wishes - and I read it often! 
And last, but not least, the outside. Nothing fancy. And yes those are Christmas lights. Don't worry, this was taken during winter - it just looks like summer. :)

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