Friday, June 17, 2011

Settlers + Packing + Harry Potter?

Well, it's our second to last weekend in Arizona, and I'm a little sad. I've gotten used to things down here and change is always hard. Especially when it involves moving 1,500 across the country.  This weekend we have to get a lot of crap done before the big move.

Tonight we are having some friends over to play Settlers - we are obsessed with this game. I could get into the basics of how you play, but it would take forever. Basically, think risk + monopoly + fun! Sounds nerdy and boring (believe me, that's what I thought at first when Z used to play with his friends), but it's totally not! Like I said, I'm obsessed. And super competitive. So watch out all you Seattle Settlers (Mykell!), I'm coming for ya!

The rest of our weekend, I'm not looking forward to so much... lots and lots of packing (yay for eating off of paper plates for a week!), running errands, and tying up loose ends.

We might throw a movie in there too (Green Lantern or X-Men First Class? Suggestions?) and possibly some cookies...

Oh, and for all you Harry Potter fans out there, check this out... What does it mean?!

What are your plans for the weekend? Anything fun? Have a great weekend!

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