Wednesday, June 8, 2011

May Spending Diet Update: Eh.


Today's theme : Money. And Rain.

What happened in May for our Spending Diet? A whole lotta spending. Ugh. We had to pay off the ol' credit card which included our Europe tickets. That was a hard bill to pay. The good thing was, we were able to pay it off all at once. No interest paying for us! So that is kind of an accomplishment in itself. We did have to dip into savings a bit, but that was partly what we were saving for, so I didn't feel too bad about it.

May also brought with it car problems (more on the conclusion of those later... if they ever stop!), which didn't help. Basically, I've concluded that the next two to three months we will just be hemorrhaging money, so I'm not getting too down about it. We knew this was coming (the big move/trip, not the car problems) and that's why we started the spending diet in the first place.

We're not saying we won't be sticking with the spending diet for the next two months, but I do think it will be altered in some ways, just because of all the changes (and expensive ones, at that!) going on in our lives. The good thing is, I think we both have adapted really well to the diet thus far, so our mind set is right going in to times like these. So that makes me feel a little better. Although, I think I will be doing a little bit of shopping for some new outfits for Europe. I have to look somewhat fashionable in Paris, right? :)

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