Friday, June 10, 2011

I Want to Ride My Bicycle...

I love bikes. The lazy-summer-day-with-a-big-basket-full-of-flowers-riding-on-a-country-road type bikes. Not the extreme-hard-core-must-ride-on-the-road-in-your-lane-even-though-it's-a-two-lane-road type bikes. Bikes always make me think of two things: summer and Seabrook

When I was young, my mom, dad, brother, and I would all hop on our bikes and ride "around the block" which was actually this big loop around our neighborhood. We would literally be out there every night and I loved it. 

Seabrook is one of my (probably my most) favorite places in Washington. I love it. Like a fat kid loves cake love. That's a lot. I'm thinking I might have to stay on task here and save my love of Seabrook for another post because I could go on and on... but basically it's a new beach town (Est. 2004) on the Washington Coast with charming cottages just a short walk from the ocean. It's such a sleepy, quiet, relaxing, wonderful little town. The best part - they have tons of old school cruiser bikes that you can take for free and ride around town. We had so much fun when we were there. 

Anyways, this is a post about bikes, so let's keep it that way, shall we? I think I need to get a bike soon. One with a basket. Maybe something like these I rounded up on pinterest.

Oh, and I definitely need to ride one of these with the hubs someday...

Have a happy weekend!

1. Seabrook 2. Aqua 3. Green 4. Pink 5. Tandem

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