Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Dear Arizona,

It's not you, it's me. We both know it's been a bumpy road this past year, but we made it through. You've actually really grown on me.

Your sunshine is undeniably my favorite thing about you, although sometimes you get too hot and it makes me uncomfortable. I like your hiking trails, the way you always make it seem like summer, and how you let me wear tank tops every night, even when it's 10pm. Thanks for not being Alaska, so I don't have to worry about driving in the snow. I really liked your thunder and lightening storms too. It was like watching our own private show. Thanks for letting me wake up to sunshine every morning - it was a great way to start my days and probably made me a little bit happier. Oh, and your sunsets. Those were amazing.

Unfortunately, Arizona, you have a lot of quirks that I didn't particularly enjoy. Let's just say that I'm glad I found that huge ass cockroach in our bedroom with only two weeks to go in our relationship. If not, I don't think I could have stayed with you. You already know how I feel about your heat, but just the overall dust, deadness, and brown that is everywhere is hard to handle after living 25 years in the beautiful, lush, green Pacific Northwest. The main thing, Arizona, is that you are so far away. I enjoy visiting you from time to time, but living with you - well, I just don't like how you keep us from seeing our family and friends.

Thanks mostly, for giving us new experiences, Arizona. We've loved getting to know some of your most charming features - the Grand Canyon, Sedona, Tombstone, Bisbee, Jerome... you are truly beautiful in some ways, and we thank you for that. It's been real, Arizona. We'll be back before you know it.

Love, Megan

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