Wednesday, June 29, 2011

On the Road Again...

Well, we're officially all packed up and on the road! It only took us one day in the 111 degree weather to pack up the pod (better than two days and 113 degrees like last year, but still). We learned... Must. Stay. Hydrated.

I have to admit, I did shed a tear or two (but definitely not three) when we left our apartment for the last time. I get kind of sentimental like that. It has been a great year down here in Arizona and I'm really glad we got to experience living in another state for a short time. BUT, we all know how eager I am to return to the Pacific Northwest. Rain, gray, cold and all.

We had a great two days at Casa de Boehme in Goodyear after we packed up. We had some many margaritas, stopped by our favorite Mexican place one last time, saw X-Men First Class, I Am Number Four, and Tron (and I thought all were really good!), I got my pool/relaxing time in and we are fully rested and ready to drive!

So the pods are full, Carl is packed to the brim, no one passed out from heat stroke and we are ready for our road trip! We are heading up I-5 and stopping to see a lot of family along the way. It will be really great to see everyone after not seeing them for at least a year!

I might be sporadically posting the next few days, but hopefully I'll be back next week. Washington, here we come!

1. Kate Spade 2. Bug 3. Map 4. Road

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