Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Well Hello There, Jerome. Nice to Meet You.

After we visited Sedona, we got a tip from my friend, Jessica, that we should head over to Jerome - her favorite spot in Arizona. So we consulted our trusty guide, google maps, and it wasn't too far out of our way. On to Jerome! Adventure!

Turns out Jerome is a pretty cool little old mining town built on the side of a hill 5,200 feet above sea level with a sweet view of the red rocks. It reminded us a lot of Bisbee, but just a lot higher up.

Buster didn't like Jerome as much as we did. We were walking around town, which is pretty steep on the hill, and Buster wasn't having it. On one sidewalk, BBoy was practically running into the street because he could see through the railing to the street below. Here's him trying to commit suicide by jumping in front of a car.

Another staircase we were on was like a grate and you could see through these tiny little holes. We had to drag Buster down the stairs and then he just hid under this table like a little scared-y cat. It was kinda funny. He's such a little wimp.

It was a great view though!

Jerome was a sweet city. We were so glad we made the detour to check it out! Thanks Jessica! :)

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